Earth-friendly 7 Ways:

  1. Natural ceramic non-stick coating on cookware. There is no toxic or hazardous material.
  2. All cookware is energy efficient and can be used on any type of cooktop surface, including induction.
  3. At point of manufacturing, BergHOFF (the manufacturer) is consuming less energy to produce the cookware, to reduce the amount of pollution.
  4. Earthchef has found the perfect replacement for wood. Thanks to its rapid growth, bamboo is the top candidate as natural renewable resource.
  5. All Earthchef packaging is recycled paper packaging.
  6. All components of the Earthchef cookware can be recycled as scrap metal.
  7. Earthchef is not going to save the environment on its own. But by choosing the cook and bake ware selection of Earthchef, you make a statement towards your own health and our environment.

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